Márcia Nazareth

Márcia Nazareth was born in a artistry family background in Porto, Portugal.

After her degree on Graphic Design at the Fine Arts Faculty of her home town and more than ten years heading the Design Department of her Communication Studio, Márcia moved forward towards her two greatest passions in life:

Fashion and Photography

Two passions brought together

“I love fashion but does she loves me too?” This question has haunted me over the years. I have always felt passionate about contemporary fashion trends, but something more personal was missing in my life, something that could reflect my own ideals. So I had to listen to the inner me, to what ever sparkled my creative background as a Márcia Nazareth. I was sure that what fulfills me could certainly make other people happy with life as well.

Then I found the maturity, the team and the technology that made my fashion designer dream come true. Bringing together design, art and culture in all over streetwear. I joined my photographic vision to a talented and production team and long after I discovered that the main idea of the brand was possible: applying unique photos on high quality, comfortable sustainable clothing with a distinctive look designed as a pattern at 360º around each fashion item. A simple concept: Wear a Photo

Identity as fashion designer

”How great it is to achieve a good quality durable inspiring product.” This is something I always looked for and was fortunate to found the way to do it. For example: I am proud to take each photo, to fashion design it, one by one, and to achieve the perfect match between front and the back. Cuffs also.

The result is always unique and personal, elegant and comfortable with that soft touch I have always imagined for myself, as a buyer and a fashion designer.

What will I do tomorrow? Will I have a normal day or go to an after hour party? Going on through the night? Or even better, will I get up early in the morning and go to the beach? No matter what I will do tomorrow, Nazareth Collection reveals my true identity bonded with our marvelous planet. As Almodóvar wrote: “We are more authentic the closer we are to the dream we have of ourselves.”

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