What is Lyocell?

Lyocell is an eco-friendly fiber obtained from wood pulp, a common by-product from other industries. It is therefore the essence of resource saving. A fine example of an old and simple true – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Lyocell’s production has low environmental impact in itself. Since the fiber’s extrusion process counts on reuse of 99.8% of the chemical solvents.

Lyocell | The Eco-friendly Fiber In Sustainable Fashion

However, this alone doesn’t make a fiber ecological. Of course raw material exploit and textile fiber production are damaging to the environment. But unlike what one might think, it is the processes that follow, namely finishing and post-treatment, that damage our planet the most. Textile industries are responsible for 20% of the world’s water pollution due to these stages in the production.

It is, above all, in this sense that Lyocell presents itself as an ecologically smart solution. It is a unique fibre indeed, in many regards: it has a high affinity towards water (making it 50% more absorbent than cotton!), it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic… by nature! The secret lies upon its fibrilarnano-structure, which is characteristic of the material itself and naturally results from its production process, without the need for all the additional finishing and post-treatments other fibres require to attain these features.

but Sustainable fashion is not a pitch – it’s an attitude

We believe being one with the environment is not just about doing no harm or avoiding resource shortage – our own well-being is also a way to honor our Natural origins.

Lyocell’s fibrilar nano-structure not only minimizes environmental impact during production; but it also brings comfort to our clients and allows them to enforce sustainability on a daily basis:

  • Long lasting odour-free effect: human sweat in itself is odourless. It is the multiplication and activity of bacteria in our sweat that produces unpleasant smell. Lyocell is naturally absorbent, breathable and antibacterial, which means it prevents the sweat from accumulating, dislodging bacteria, while at the same time inhibiting their activity. Not only do you stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day but also “less smell” means “less washing” – saving water, electricity and your money all through your clothes’ lifespan.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-static material: it makes for better hygiene, while respecting more sensitive skin and allowing free movement.

We couldn’t ask for a better fibre at the foundation of our collection: eco-friendly, inside-out and to the core, at every scale.

Environmentally-friendly digital printing

Digital printing is an ecological technology, nearly exempt from water consumption. It consists of inserting a role in the printing machine, where it is then unfolded and printed; after this, the printed fabric is dried in s hood, which allows the dyes to stabilise with no need for the traditional consecutive washings. This means it is ready to cut – with no water waste!

And even the dyes are Eco-friendly

And because nothing could be left to chance, our dyes are water-based and free from heavy metals (GOTS and OEKO-TEC certified ecological dyes). This means that after printing, they only need to be dried in a hood via evaporation.

As you can see, choosing this collection is a lot more than making a simple purchase. It is more than putting on an outfit. The Nazareth client is an informed client. The nonconformist client. The one who chooses to make a stand. The one who renounces neither design nor sustainability. The daily activist. He is a human comfortable in his own skin, at one with Nature, in tune with his well-being, every single day.

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