photography as fashion, presenting collection nazareth

“I love fashion but does she loves me too?” This question has been haunting me over the years. I have always felt passionate about feminine and contemporary fashion trends, but something more personal was missing, something that could reflect my own ideals. Back then the solution was to make original matches between existing fashion items, but honestly that never really satisfied me!

Some years later as the design creative director at a communication agency I found the maturity, the person and the technology that made my fashion dream come true. Bringing together design, art and culture in fashion. I joined my photographic vision to a talented and dedicated production team and long after several tests and technical issues we discovered that the main idea of the brand was possible: applying unique photographs covering 360º of high quality and comfortable clothing.

nazareth collection was born.

Nazareth because as my surname it´s a way to feel responsible for my creations. Collection because each proposal belongs to a theme and a season, but living in its own identity, with multiple perspectives revealing unique lifestyles. Every photography is an original, but only some are brought to life as part of each vest, t-shirt, scarf or short fashion designs.

Each nazareth collection item uses an high quality mesh so to enhance each photo high definition. Week after week of washing and I realized…”How good it is to achieve a good quality durable product!” Something that I always looked for in the past and now I found the way to do it. For example: I am proud to choose each colour, one by one, so to have the perfect match with each photo. Cuffs also. The result is better than the expected: always unique and personal, elegant and comfortable clothings with that soft touch I have always imagined for myself.

What will I do tomorrow? Will I have a normal day or go to an after hour party? Going on throught the night? Or even better, will I get up early in the morning and go to the beach? No matter what I will do tomorrow, nazareth collection has original proposals to reveal my lifestyle, my unique identity.

Hence our promise:

nazareth collection, zoom on you.


Or as Almodóvar wrote: “we are more authentic the closer we are to the dream we have of ourselves.”