German premium fashion mag KLARTEXT highlights nazareth collection

Previews for the fiftieth Modtissimo in the Alfândega Porto on the 3rd and 4th of October 2017

Klar-text reviews nazareth collection modtissimo Portugal


In advance of our report on this jubilee fair, we are presenting in KLAR-TEXT two exhibitors who deserve special attention, representing the more than four hundred collections. Of the 6,500 buyers, over 500 came from abroad to this year’s fall event in Portugal.


We have already described the fashionable photographic print on the collections of the NAZARETH label. This time around, there is a development to be mentioned that is only made possible by the refined technique of printing on textiles. Whereas in the past synthetic materials were preferred for the collections, the new technology now also allows natural materials of the same quality to be designed. At the same time, the company wants to go on the path of sustainability, and even more so, to use even finer qualities such as blends with silk and cashmere.

The value increases, thus the demand of the consumers. The designs below are from the current collection for women, men and children, they include T-shirts, scarves and shawls.


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