Nazareth Collection


Nazareth Collection is a clothing brand combining photography and fashion exploring beauty, art and culture. Started in 2013 under Marcia Nazareth´ s creative guidance focused on the original concept: to wear a photo. The brand presents original photo 360º patterns. On comfortable high quality fabrics, for an innovative visual aesthetic result.

At each limited collection the brand brings to life its own theme. With different perspectives and details of iconic places and ways of feeling. Every nazareth collection is handmade in Portugal using superior quality fabrics for a comfortable fit and touch. High photographic resolution at 360º design. The entire procedure is manual. From photography to the manufacturing of the fabric. Cutting to the sewing. Packaging to you.

Do a ‘Zoom on you’ and be surprised by all nazareth collection details, unique in the world.

The author

Marcia Nazareth was born in Porto in 1971 in a artistry family background. Studied Graphic Design degree at Porto’s University of Fine Arts. 10 years plus as communication designer and head of the creative services of her design studio. Márcia Nazareth in love with her two greatest passions in life started exploring fashion and photography. Developing as a result the original brand concept. To wear a photograph. In conclusion all nazareth collections reveal their creator’s personal photographic vision.

How can I order?

Order your nazareth collection favorite. Receive it conveniently at your place in a period up to five days, upon receiving our confirmation. Wherever you are we guarantee you a fast delivery, multiple payment options and low shipping costs.



Porto: DailyDay, Workshop Pop Up, Casa da Música, Serralves
Lisboa: Brave Fashion House, Apaixonarte
França: La Cachemaille
Aveiro: Cais À Porta
Algarve: Sardinha na Calçada


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